A culture of results Care for the environment
To achieve high returns as a guarantee to our company's growth, development and greater competitiveness. To permanently enforce the best environmental conservation and preservation practices.
A culture of innovation Corporate social responsibility
To constantly modernize our equipment and processes using the most advanced technology to ensure uninterrupted production and increased productivity and competitiveness of our operations. To permanently integrate company activities to their community environment; to participate in community activities and events, and to promote society's sustainable development.
A culture of quality Growth and well-being of our people
To achieve perfection in our processes through continuous
improvement and thus reach excellence through greater efficiency,
effectiveness and productivity, for the benefit and satisfaction of our
workers and clients.
To create appropriate quality of living standards for our people and ensure their physical, social, and emotional safety; to give them services to enhance their value as individuals; to promote their growth through training and professional and social development and to foster their personal fulfillment.
A commitment to serve    
A commitment to serve and to excel through the outstanding quality of our company's services.  
Creativity Honesty
To look permanently for new ways of doing things, for the benefit of workers, the company and
To act honestly and guided by high moral standards, and responsibly using information, material and financial resources.
Equity Respect
To reward the members of our Company by reasonable and predictable criteria. To create a culture that attaches fair value to the fundamental rights of our fellow men and
ourselves. To accept and abide by the law, social standards and principles of nature.
Solidarity Laboriousness
To create a friendly work environment among our people in the pursuit of our shared mission
and vision. To be kind to others and help them generously while doing a quality, efficient and
relevant job.
To use labor as a powerful force for transformation and thus accomplish our company's goals and reach the highest productivity and development.
Punctuality Responsibility
To meet our commitments and obligations within the agreed deadlines, and thus respect and
value other people's time.
To accept the consequence for our actions or failure to act at the company and its surrounding environment.