Policy on health and safety
Our policy on health and safety includes the following points:
  • Provide a healthy and safe work environment, complying with local mining health and safety laws and regulations.

  • Consideration of the aspects of mining health and safety when making decisions and deciding on business practices.

  • Motivate employees to proactively participate in cultural change towards prevention.

  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the risk management and implement modern prevention methods and technologies.
Health and Safety
     Investments in safety totaled US $24.18 million, allocated to three principal areas:

a) Training and course materials; b) Purchase of personal protective equipment; and c) Engineering projects (mainly dust and gas collection systems and also ventilation and anchoring systems for underground mining), considering the modernization and optimization of our operations, reducing the risks associated with health and safety.

Our people are represented on matters of health and safety. Each property has a Central Safety Committee and a Health and Safety Commission, in addition to department committees and safety cells.

Our efforts on safety have reduced the Gravity index for the Mining Division overall by 26%, Mexico by 25% and Peru 30%.