Our Commitment to the Enviroment
Southern Copper Corporation (SCC) is committed to the environment and to manage climate-related impacts.  SCC’s focus is to seek continuous improvement in its processes and achieve a responsible use of natural resources while complying with applicable legal environmental standards.  Implementing continuous improvement in SCC’s processes allows greater efficiency in the use and consumption of energy, water, and other natural resources.  SCC publishes its approach to sustainability in its yearly Annual Reports.  

SCC’s environmental policy has the following goals:

  1. On climate change, we aim to reduce the use of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions while improving our power efficiency;
  2. On water control, we aim to optimize water usage;
  3. On biodiversity, we aim to control our impact on wildlife, soil and underground water and to protect them; and
  4. On waste, our aim is to continue producing relatively little hazardous waste and to handle it in a legal and environmentally friendly manner.

SCC has undertaken numerous environmental conservation projects including:

  • Gas and dust recovery system at Ilo, Peru and the tailings dam project at Quebrada Honda, also in Peru.
  • In Mexico, the dust and emissions recovery project at La Caridad, the completion of the lime plant at Agua Prieta, and the wastewater treatment plant at San Luis Potosi, also in Mexico.
  • In Peru and Mexico we have water recovery systems to conserve water and minimize the impact on nearby streams, reforestation programs to stabilize the surface of the tailings dams and the implementation of scrubbing technology in the mines to reduce dust emissions. 
  • At Quebrada Honda in Peru, SCC recovers water from the dam that collects tailings from its Toquepala and Cuajone mines and reuses it for its operations. 
  • SCC mitigates indirect GHG emissions by consuming cleaner energy supplied by affiliates of Grupo Mexico that generate electrical power through high-efficiency combined-cycle power plants and the El Retiro wind farm. In Peru, SCC generates power from renewable sources with two hydroelectrical plants and by purchasing power from suppliers that produce energy through hydroelectrical plants or the use of natural gas.   SCC is proud that 100% of the consumption of energy by its Peruvian operations comes from hydroelectrical plants or plants fed with natural gas.  Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Ocoña Hydro, S.A., (OHYSA), a Peruvian corporation, SCC has plans to build a hydroelectrical plant on the Ocoña River in the Arequipa Region in Peru. 
  • We completed the Mineral Crushing and Hauling Project which consisted of replacing rail haulage at the Cuajone mine in Peru by an in-pit primary crusher with a 7 km overland conveyor belt system to move ore to the concentrator.  A similar project is already in place at the Toquepala mine in Peru.
  • With the Quebalix project in Peru, SCC replaced truck haulage with a conveyor belt system that transports the leachable material from its Toquepala and Cuajone mines crusher to the leaching pads.

SCC also mitigates direct GHG emissions from its operations by implementing practices such as the improvement, redesign, conversion and retrofitting of equipment, rational use of resources and environmental personnel training. 
SCC anticipates initiating a multi-year process to adopt applicable reporting recommendations of the Task-Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) once new Peruvian climate change regulations are implemented. During the multi-year development process, SCC intends to engage with interested shareholders. SCC intends to report on implementing the TCFD disclosures in future Annual Reports published and on the SCC website.


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