Our Communities
Commitment to Our World

The communities neighboring our operations are an important focal point for our company. In many of these communities our activity forms part of the collective identity and a source of pride passed down from generation to generation.

Our Community Development team strives to establish clear channels of communication, consulting, and collaboration with the community to design and implement programs that will achieve sustainable development.

Some of the aspects that distinguish our work are:

Adopt a strategic focus that responds to the priority needs of the community, in line with the objectives of the business, as part of a long-term Strategic Development plan. Involve the community through consults and the participation of the various interest groups in each of the stages of the different projects, from their conception stage to realization.

Promote interaction between company personnel and the community in general. Work as a team and create alliances with public and private community organizations and NGO’s that share our interests in community development.

Develop with the organization skills in priority areas to strengthen the community, through programs aimed at specific interest groups. Achieve the sustainability of each project, ensuring the community is able to assume the leadership and execution of a project without relying on the support of the company.
Guarantee concrete results through the definition, setting, and monitoring of focused indicators for each project.  

Investment in Community Development

Through our community development team, we have implemented specific programs in the following areas: strengthening human capital and the creation of production projects; development of infrastructure and services; and generating opportunities for social wellbeing.
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