What do our people say?
Our operation are witness to a history of personal success among our people, which in many cases is passed down from generation, and represents the essence of our company.
Our People
Commitment to Our World

At SCC, we are working on a process for ongoing improvement that is reflected in three principal commitments:
  • World class labor practices that encourage the personal and professional development of our people.

  • Guaranteed respect for and awareness of labor related Human Rights issues.

  • The best health and safety conditions.

“With great satisfaction I can say that over these five decades of non-stop work, I have achieved many of the goals and aspiration that every man wants in life for their own benefit and that of their family.”
Manuel Jiménez

"The environment and infrastructure of our communities contribute greatly to the stability of our families, which mutually benefits employees and the company."
Eduardo Fernández Nava
Minera Mexico